Our games: from the dogpit with love~

Delenda Airlines

Flying as it was meant to be: glamorous, romantic, and stressful as hell! Guide the crew of the world's most chaotic airline to please their passengers as they freak out over the turbulence and the long wait for dinner service.
(Disclaimer: A flight attendant might've been harmed in the making of this game.)

Slam Fighter II

Some seek to destroy it, others to use its power...The Philosopher's Burn, the most legendary put down in history, is the prize as the world's best trash talkers face off in the diss battle of the millennium!


The name of the game is internet fame! Make the most internet-famous summit bid of all time by snapping the zaniest selfies on Mt. Everst. Also, try not to die! Winner of Best Use of Theme in the 2016 Little Awful Jam!

Loteria del Adios

Loteria del Adios is an upcoming strategy game with turn-based card battles inspired by Lotería, the traditional game of chance from Mexico. Featuring a fully voice-acted script and an original soundtrack by Screaming Color! Won Best Art at the 2016 Intel Game Developer's showcase at Austin Game Con!

Cloud Yeller

Yell at clouds through at least three exciting levels! Medium paced action!! Boss battles!!! Yell for the high score!!! A top pick of the 2016 Big Awful Jam -- download here!